The Wine Olympics by Ateliers de Bacchus

Cultural and sporting games to discover the art of wine tasting and learn to appreciate wine while having fun. In a castle, discover the cultural heritage around the wine estates. Laughter guaranteed!

En quoi ça consiste

Have fun while learning the different stages of wine tasting and the vocabulary of wine. The winning team will receive a special prize. Come and test your team spirit!
The Wine Olympics are composed of 10 challenges of 10 to 15 minutes. Les ateliers de Bacchus reserves the right to modify the activities according to the season and your specific requests.

Wine Olympics

Wine Olympics activities

  • Become a wine nose and learn the vocabulary through sensory games
  • Find the tips of the Sommelier to identify the wines
  • Get into the shoes of a barista
  • Be a cellar master and roll the barrels as fast as possible
  • Learn to decipher the obligatory information on a bottle label
  • Become a detective and go in search of the treasure
  • Play the role of an apprentice oenologist and create your own wine
  • Marvel at our Bordeaux terroir and its Grands Crus Classés de Bordeaux châteaux
  • Test your knowledge of Bordeaux and its vineyards
  • Develop your palate by identifying aromas
  • Identify the Merlot grape variety from the Syrah grape variety
  • Recognise the process of the vegetative cycle of the vine and the wine-making process

The team with the most points wins the prize!



About 2 hours


Partner chateaux or at the venue of your event


All year long

Pour qui

Friends, colleagues, family…
from 30 to 300 people

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Parce que découvrir et apprécier le vin et ses mystères c’est aussi et surtout une histoire personnelle et une question d’envie, les Ateliers de Bacchus seront heureux de développer pour vous des ateliers qui vous ressemblent.
Si vous souhaitez aborder un sujet qui ne figure pas dans nos cours, nous pouvons vous proposer des ateliers sur mesure en individuel ou en groupe.

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