Advent Calendar 2020: results 🙂

04/01/2021 | Non classé

Hello to all participants in the 2020 Advent calendar and everyone else :-),

First of all, we wish you a happy new year 2021. 2020 will have been somewhat unlikely, out of time. Let's hope that 2021 brings us daily happiness and some nice prospects.

We are really delighted that you liked this game, congratulations to all, this year it was not easy!

We mixed all the participants (as many names as good answers and entries: the more you participate, the more chances you had to win) and our big winner is @nicbord on Instagram!

The gift is a mystery wine box: fun wine box with e-learning to learn more at home. To find out more, you can click on: wine-boxes-mysteres

Finally, here are the answers of the games of the ADVENT CALENDAR 2020!

A. It is very dark, with a very pronounced

yeast taste B. The Bombardino

C. Russians stay true to their pure Vodka for Christmas!

B. The Egg Nog

A. Hot Irish Whisky

C. Hot

cider B. The Wassail

C. It is drunk cold

B. Coca and beer

A. Ginger

A. Brandy

C. At beach


Apple C.

Monkey tail C.

The Schrubb

C. Champagne

B. The Cacho Fio

A. Citrus peels


B. About 400 years

ago B. The Grog is our friend during the winter! A cold snap, a grog and hop! Let's go again!
Be careful, this cocktail is based on Rum, to be consumed in moderation (like all alcohols of course!)

B. The Pousse-Rapière is a Gascon cocktail that can be drunk as an aperitif and is enjoyed at Christmas. It is a sparkling wine that is mixed with a liqueur with armagnac and orange.

A. These are cocktails with notes of lemon. We usually put Crémant de Loire, Cointreau, cane syrup and lemon. Recipes may vary. You can find ready-made soups where all you have to do is add the Crémant!

B. A Riesling

C. Alsace!

Les différents types de tire-bouchons

Barrique : origine et spécificités

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