Misconceptions about wine (Part 1)

12/06/2019 | Non classé

Dear apprentice oenologists,

Summer is fast approaching, I am pleased to present the summer series! Series in which each month received ideas about wine will be presented and explained.

Let's start with the first 3:

  1. The deposit is a defect of the wine
  2. Champagne is used in cups or flutes
  3. A good wine is necessarily expensive

Wishing you a great month of June! See you soon for the future.

Misconception about wine n°1: the deposit is a defect of red wine

The deposit is a natural component of wine that develops over the years.
The molecule that gives color to red wine "anthocyanin" must attach to a tannin to reveal its color. As we age, oxygen separates these two naturally falling molecules. Moreover, this is why old wines are less tannic and less intense because tannins and color molecules form the deposit!

So, if your wine has deposit, don't panic! It is enough to decant it with the help of a decanter in order to separate the deposit from the wine.

Misconception about wine n°2: Champagne is used in glasses or flutes

To enjoy a champagne in the best conditions, we advise you to drop the flutes and cups and opt for the tulip glass.

Even if the glass of champagne is synonymous with chic, it remains too wide by letting the aromas escape. The flute is on the contrary too narrow which prevents an optimal diffusion of the aromas.

Tulip glass is a glass elongated like a flute and rounds in the middle like a cup. The height of the glass allows the bubbles to rise along the glass by loading themselves with aromatic compounds, before bursting on the surface to release them.

Misconception about vin°3: A good wine is necessarily expensive

We drink a wine and not a label!

The price of a wine is determined according to multiple factors such as: the terroir, the appellation, the infrastructure of the estate to receive tourists, the production techniques, the aging potential of the wine, the price of bulk, the cost of dry matter and the criticism received during tastings. However, the price of a wine does not guarantee that it will be a good wine.

Talking about good or bad wine is very subjective, indeed it is a matter of taste specific to each!

So do not hesitate to taste wines of different price ranges, you will probably be pleasantly surprised!

See you soon for our summer series on preconceived ideas :-)!


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