Cannelé: origin and anecdotes

25/05/2020 | Actualité @en

This month Bacchus takes us to the side of the fluted…

Everyone knows this small Bordeaux cake with soft and tender dough surrounded by a light caramelized crust and flavored with rum and vanilla … But do you know its history?

We will travel back in time to understand where these delicacies come from and why their history is linked to that of wine!

And those at the origin of this magnificent invention are… nuns!

It was in the eighteenth century that nuns decided to create a small cake for the poor by recovering the wheat that fell from the boats as well as the egg yolks in the wine cellars…

Egg yolks?

Yes, because to glue the wine, we use the whites! The yellows were therefore set aside and useless… The nuns found them a beautiful function.

Originally, the cakes made were fine and rolled around a stem, fried with lard. They named it the "canelat", which became canelé, with a single "n" when the Confrérie du Canelé seized it in 1985.

You should know that the fluted disappeared for a few years, when the nuns were driven out of their convent …

It was still taken up later, with a variation in the recipe since rum was quickly added…

Today, cannelé is the emblematic pastry of Bordeaux, and it is no longer intended for the poor… Far from it!

What to drink with cannelés?

We like to make an original pairing with Pineau or natural sweet wines such as Banyuls or Maury. Something sweet. In the cannelé region, you will find the unmissable Sauternes or Cérons, Sainte Crois du mont…

See you soon for new news!


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