The different types of corkscrews

05/12/2020 | Actualité @en

Today we are going to look at the opening of our dear bottle of wine.
Well yes, because between all these bottles, their type of cork and all the corkscrews, we are a little lost! Well, when do I open my bottle?

Okay, just the questions, let's move on to the solutions: read us, we tell you everything!

When I open my bottle, several corkscrewscome to me. But which one to choose?

Corkscrews for the authentic:

You will find among them, the classic corkscrew, which is taken between your fingers and works with the strength of the arms. In short, if you are like me, avoid it where you are not ready to drink!
You will also find the lever one, much simpler for the shot because its lever operation allows us to rest our small weak arms …
That's when the lemonade tree comes into play! Passe-partout, it is complete and effective with its blade that decaps, its small lever that allows you to lean against the neck of the bottle and limit the effort … In short, this one, we take it with us!
There is also the corkscrew with worms. Don't you see which one I'm talking about?! Let's see, a little effort… To remember, I mean! Because here, the principle is simple: you screw and screw and screw in the same direction… And hop! As if by magic, we see our cork appear little by little! This one also pleases me, well, not on my wrist, but my arms thank me for it!

Corkscrews for the most folklore:

Now let's move on to the lever clamp. If it hadn't been so heavy and cumbersome, I think this is the one I would have adopted for any occasion. What for? Partisan of the slightest effort, it is enough to tighten the neck, to lower the lever and then to raise it: as quickly said, as quickly done!
Do you finally know the bilame corkscrew ? This one is special because it does not have screws, unlike the others. However, it is not easy to use because it requires technique and precision: you have to insert the blades between the neck and the cap to get the latter out. It is generally used for older wines with a crumbly cork.
Finally, I present you another great friend of the least effort: the gas corkscrew! It has a needle that is planted in the cap. We press the gas capsule and the cap comes out automatically! We remove the cork from the needle and we serve our wine … Good tasting! Small disadvantage: you have to buy gas capsule refills when they are empty.

Well, that's it, you have all the necessary information to choose your corkscrew!
Which one attracts you the most? Share with us your feedback on the networks, we are curious! 🙂

And finally, when do we open the bottle? It will all depend on the type of wine you want.

If it is a fruity white wine (serving temperature 8 °), a rosé or a sparkling (served at about 6 °), you can open it at the last minute.
For a fruity red wine (serve at about 13 °), a complex white (11 °) or sweet (8 °), an old wine (18 °), then it will be opened about 30 minutes earlier.
If you go on a red wine that is powerful (recommended temperature 18 °), in this case prefer an opening between 3 and 4 hours before serving.

See you soon for new news!


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