Top 3: End-of-year holiday entertainment

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The month of December and the end of the year holidays are approaching! It is an opportunity to bring together your employees or your loved ones around a festive moment and original animations.

Don't have any ideas for animations? Do not panic, we have concocted our selection of 3 animations to organize to spend a moment full of conviviality at the end of the year.

At the Ateliers de Bacchus, we organize fun and high-end activities around wine to develop the well-being and internal cohesion of your teams.

We hope you like this selection!

The Ateliers de Bacchus invite themselves to your table

To start our top 3 end-of-year activities, discover our animation that we organize for your meals.

And yes, the end of the year party often rhymes with festive atmosphere and delicious meals between teams. So what could be better than an original animation to accompany all this!

To energize your end-of-year meal, we offer a fun animation that will delight your guests.

On the program, discovery and introduction to wine and tasting with your seated guests. Whether at lunch or dinner, we animate your meals by offering games and quizzes on the world of wine to test your knowledge and exchange with you. Our team of passionate oenologists will also give you all their advice to taste wine like pros!

We accompany you throughout your meal to comment and reveal the secrets of food / wine pairings. You send us your menu and we take care of finding the best wines that will go perfectly with your dishes.

Of course to add challenge, the winner of the quiz will win a mystery prize…

A great way to deepen your knowledge of wine. Conviviality and fun guaranteed !!

The Stands of Bacchus to sublimate your receptions

In another style, the Ateliers de Bacchus animates your receptions thanks to our oenological activities.

Come and energize your reception with colleagues with our animations! Spread over one or more stands, we offer several activities to perfect your knowledge of wine.

How to recognize the grape variety of a wine? Identify your region? Recognize the smells related to wine? We come to challenge you between colleagues.

Who knows the world of wine best? The winner will leave with the prize at stake.

Our team of oenologist experts comes to animate your reception in a fun and warm way.

Are you ready for a blind tasting? Prepare your general culture, we come to challenge you! Will you be able to recognize a Bordeaux wine from a Burgundy wine?

The Casino du Vin: Play your games!

And finally to finish this selection of end-of-year animations, come and participate in our casino on the theme of wine.

Discover the art of tasting and the world of wine while challenging your teams : sensory games, challenges and general culture

Several themed tables are installed with on each of them a game or an activity related to wine. Each player starts the animation with a few chips that he comes to bet on each table as in Las Vegas. If he wins, he wins the bet otherwise it is for the casino. The goal: to win the most chips to win the prize put at stake for the occasion.

Warm and dynamic atmosphere assured!

It's up to you to find the right grape variety, to recognize the smells or to locate the most famous castles on the map. A multitude of activities for a vibrant and fun experience with your employees.

And that's it, here are our Top 3 animations to organize during the end of year celebrations of your company! All you have to do is make a choice and contact us; )

Les Ateliers de Bacchus adapts to each client to personalize your animation and your event.

See you soon for new news!

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