13. Interview with Marlène Delolmo, Instragrammeuse around wine

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Interview with Marlène Delolmo, Instragrammeuse around wine.

For this new podcast of Au Micro de Bacchus, I am delighted to receive Marlène Delolmo, influenceruser on Instagram. Marlène DELOLMO tells us about her career, the creation of her Instagram account and her passion for wine. She explains what it means to be an Instagrammer around wine, the different facets of her business and her role with estates.

Finally, we end with the famous personal section! 👍🏻

Meet us every 1st Thursday of the month for a new interview with a personality from the wine-wine world!

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Hello everyone, I am delighted to meet you for this new episode at the MICRO of Bacchus where I go to meet personalities of the wine world

This month I am delighted to welcome an Instagrammer Marlène Delolmo and I hope to teach you a lot of things, right away.

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Hello Marlène, thank you for accepting my invitation to the microphone of Bacchus. Marlène is an instagrammer in the wine industry, more specifically on wine. Do not hesitate to go see his profile.

I am delighted to be with you Pauline thank you very much for the invitation. Yes social networks I think it's something I like to do for a while. I'm Instagrammer specifically as you just said in the five.

Very good and so is what you can tell us about your career: you come from where, you did what as studies, what is your job …

I am Mexican, I have been living in Bordeaux for six years now. At the level of studies, I studied international relations after I changed a little I went to the world of wine. I did a degree in sommellerie and I am currently doing a degree in spirits. I also have a master's degree in wine economics at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne.

But how many degrees do you actually have?

And yes, you should never stop! For the moment the diploma on spirits and then that's it, I think it's good and after I have no other projects.

So can you explain what it's like to be an instagrammer and influencer?

The two are very related even if the concepts of influencers is a concept that is quite old contrary to what one might think. It is a concept that is fashionable at the moment but it is a concept that dates back to the 40s, it was already used in the United States. Today I think that anyone can become an influencer: the effect of influencing a single person to buy whether it is wine in our case or another product. I think that already from that moment on, we are simple influencers.

How did you come up with the idea of becoming an Instagrammer?

It's not that I was bored but because well it takes time anyway it's true it takes time. But there is also a lot of fun because for me wine is above all sharing: history, culture, sharing. There was this idea of sharing my tastings, my experiences around wine. I think that's from where I started doing it more seriously.

So Marlène, what was your trigger to become an Instagrammer? How did you go from a personal Instagram profile to an explosion of a community that was still quite large?

It came by itself, it's been four years since I started to do it more seriously because it's true that before it was rather a personal profile but it came alone. I started to share my experiences around wine and more and more there were my friends, my family, the estates that started to contact me and because they liked the way I communicated. Here it came little by little it was gradual.

What are the different facets of the instagram profession? What should you do? Accounting?

Luckily no, I don't do much. But I think there are different facets for influencers: there are influencers who are bloggers, influencers who prefer to share, still in the world of wine, their experiences around wine tourism. So there is not really something specific, it depends on the desired profile for the personality and the desire to share of each.

Compared to an entrepreneur who creates a business finally, an entrepreneur him the commercial, the marketing, the count I am sorry ahaha all that .. Finally what is great about the job of instagrammer / influencer is that you are focused only on your own passion.

Yes, that's right! That's the important thing, already the fact of being transparent, to be able to share what we like and that is reflected immediately. When you do something you like, it shows and feels. There is already the communication side, I am passionate about marketing too so there are these sides.

So how has your community evolved on instagram? Overnight? What's your secret?

With a lot of patience, a lot of passion also what you need is really to be able to transmit your passion. If we don't do it, it doesn't attract people so yes very very patient. I've been doing it for a while, you have to be very consistent, I always try to create interesting content for my subscribers. So that it is always a profile that interests them, so that it is also a profile that they like to share. A lot of patience, a lot of work, a lot of investment.

How long per day?

Now it's less but at first it took me 4 hours a day. Because there was the preparation of course of the content, it's not just tasting a wine and saying I like it. For me there is behind a story to discover, the know-how to share, so there is research then there is tasting: take the time to taste well to try to share what we are tasting. So it took me around 4 hours now it's much less. I try at least 30 minutes to 40 minutes a day and it's not every day. Even though I would like to do it every day I do it at least three times a week.

So Marlène how do you choose the wines? Is it you who chooses the wines or is it the wines that come to you?

I think there are both, I really like discoveries, discovering wines is really impressive, it's always very rewarding. So there are wines that come to me and there are others that I choose because I still have very specific tastes. I try to balance my profile with wines that I taste because I like it because I have chosen and with wines that I discover.

And then the wines that you put forward finally, what is the impact on these wines that you put forward?

But already I think it's especially, and I say it every time, at the visibility level. If there is a domain, a grape variety, an appellation that is not very well known but it allows to give it more visibility. With a work of course on the part of the producers but it can actually represent sales but otherwise it is above all the visibility.

Well and this little virus in all this, has it impacted the profession of influencers? Has it impacted in any way?

I think there is always a positive side even if the pandemic is something that has affected at the global level, we must always see the positive sides. And in my case, yes we know that from this pandemic, there has been an explosion in social networks very important and it is thanks to this pandemic that I had the opportunity to discover many of the wines, to exchange a lot with producers. It's always very interesting, so at the end if we can mention the positive sides of the pandemic in social networks that's it.

And is it that suddenly in the profession of Instagram, the eco responsibility has its role to play or is it rather you as a wine specialist who finally puts this value forward?

I try to highlight it I think it is a topical subject even if there were producers and winemakers who have been doing it for a while. But today I think it's a very important subject so when it's the case I try to put it forward, to highlight it. If there is an area that is not yet in the process, it does not mean that I will not present them.

Yes if you like it anyway, you like it anyway.

Well and well Marlène, let's go for the personal replica! So if you were a grape variety, which one would you be?

There are two grape varieties that I really like: Syrah and Pinot Noir.

But what do you do in Bordeaux Marlène! And they are two very different grape varieties: one that is much sweeter, elegant and another much more powerful.

But there you have it!

You have two facets!
If you were a French book?

There is a book that has marked me a lot, I read it a moment ago is Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire I like very much.

A big cobblestone!

Yes, it takes time to read it.

And in Mexico, there would be a Mexican book that you would like to highlight perhaps?

Yes, I think he's a character that maybe you know because his image is very exploited at the global level is Frida Kahlo. So it would be more like Frida Kahlo's biography. She is a woman who inspires me a lot, a woman who has had a very, very difficult life but who has been able to express herself through her art, a very specific art that I admire very much.

Ok and well thank you Marlène in any case for having lent yourself to the game of this interview of Au Micro de Bacchus. Do not hesitate to subscribe to his account and subscribe to the Micro of Bacchus too.
See you very soon thank you very much Marlène,

Thanks also Pauline

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