5. Interview with Jérémy SARTHOU, recruiter specialized in the wine industry

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What is a recruiter? How does a recruitment agency work? What are the expectations of recruiters and candidates? Has COVID had an impact on recruitment? In this new interview, Jérémy SARTHOU will tell us all about his job as a recruiter in the wine sector. He will explain his adventure before creating his agency www.sarthouetassociés.com. And of course, we will end with the "personal section" 🙂 Good listening!

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Interview with Jérémy SARTHOU, recruiter specialized in the wine industry


Hello Jeremy, thank you for accepting my invitation to the MICRO of Bacchus. Jérémy is therefore a recruiter specializing in the wine industry. He will tell us all this but first of all can you introduce yourself, tell us your story?

Of course hi pauline

Listen to me I started so at castel finally for the Castel group in England the subsidiary Nicolas

then I worked ten years for PSA group for Africa and the Middle East I had a lot of fun doing a lot of export

and then I joined a generalist recruitment agency to develop the wine and spi subsidiary

and after two years I wanted to take off so I created my own recruitment agency specialized in wine

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What is your story in Bordeaux? It seems that you come from a Bordeaux family or not at all?

So I'm the son of a wine merchant and the grandson of a winemaker.

so yes it was quite natural to finally come back into the wine. A kind of family passion a family DNA

and so quite naturally when I created this recruitment business I wanted to position myself on a niche market

and I thought that the wine gave meaning to Bordeaux and it was interesting to be to continue in the family lines.


Jeremy, can you tell us about your company that you created? What is it called? What is its history?

So SARTOU ET ASSOCIES, it is a hunting firm of direct approach specialized in wine in spirits too. We work with spirits groups including the Cognac region. We also get closer to the merchants of the small estates of the large estates on all the wine regions of Alsace through Burgundy Bordeaux the Languedoc la Loire finally we are if we really on all the wine regions. We do some missions abroad and on missions we are solicited in general on management positions

general, area managers, salespeople, technical directors, cellar master

We are on quite corporate functions that we find in companies that are quite different finally because it really goes from the big auction house specializing in wine to small estates in the Entre deux Mers through a merchant of quite large size

But rather senior executives in the end?

Indeed we are specialized in the executive so it is rather senior executives

and by capillarity we will recruit executives of the wine executives who can be either the salesmen France,

commercial exports to a particular region here

ok very good. Can you explain what the job of a recruiter is? what is your job?and more specifically what is a headhunter? Wouldn't you like to be hunted one day? well it would tell me but good after to good listener … I'll let you think

The job of headhunter / recruiter is a job where we approach
executives who are often posted in companies and and we will finally look for candidates who are not necessarily willing to move at the moment T but who because we contact them, because we approach them directly will perhaps be seduced by an opportunity because the remuneration is either more important or because the proposed work is closer to at home there are fifty thousand reasons in fact to finally move from his position and so we it is a work of putting in contact between the client who is a castle or who is a trading house and who will want to arm himself with a good commercial director of a good DGou of a good salesman France and they will appeal to our services and we will look for them to find the best candidates on the market to constitute then…

ok then there I have several questions that come to mind but out of the shot I read you the last one what is a better candidate?

It is according to the specifications that are given. This is the brief that the client will give us.

There are often five-legged sheep.

Like what.? 🙂 Never despair.

The best candidate is the one who finally sticks the most to the specifications of the client so the customer and therefore the castle or the merchant

and how do you do it? You will also approach the trades, the castles to make you known as what you are specialized

in this sector where finally people find you easily? How do you do it?

In fact, as a recruiter, we made a salary study finally a kind of white paper on TRUMP taxes

on BREXIT on finally the COVID crisis and the impact it has had on organizations on recruitment in general in the wine sector and so it is a document that after fifty pages that is
visible on the website

So the name of your website?


And so finally we had a lot of press spinoffs in the

Revue les Vins de France, on the South West, on Vitisphère, on VSNews…

so we're made a little known like that and then finally we made very beautiful

missions and for large estates, very beautiful trading houses and then after it is the snowball effect. We were contacted and a mission led to another mission So it's a bit of a word of mouth so the notoriety is done organically and gradually for 2 and a half years

ok very well it's interesting. Thank you Jérémy for all these clarifications. I hope you learn a lot of things and do not hesitate to subscribe to the channel at the MICRO of Bacchus. You can watch on YouTube and podcast on Spotify Deezer and whatever you want…


So now we're going to move on to a new question about the evolution of recruitment since COVID. Has this famous COVID had an impact on your job, on recruitment in the wine sector?

So there was an impact on the side of the candidates. We noticed that we had a lot of applications from the Paris region who wanted to get some fresh air who finally wanted to return to the regions.

We have a lot of applications in fact that have refocused a little. Before here if you want Pauline, the number one criterion was the remuneration today the candidates they want to give meaning to their work and they want to have a kind of comfort of life between teleworking the family so they get closer very often to their families and so the direct impact of COVID is that. It is finally giving a little more meaning to his work

Okay and so maybe more spaces so a lot of Parisians who want to go down / down in the region and enjoy teleworking

Telework is a criterion now for candidates finally

yes it's quite actually it's a question that is obviously addressed during the interviews in a systematic way. This was not the case before COVID and therefore companies even if in wine it is still a very conservative world where things are moving forward in a more progressive way

there we have organizations in castles, at the merchant with much more teleworking. Finally it is modernized in quotation marks because it is not easy to no longer be teleworking. That is to say that it is not something that can be done on all positions but there are many functions that allow it.

It is a negotiation between employers and candidates and is done quite often

Okay if you had to make a hierarchy of criteria finally first it's the working conditions?

Yes and after the remuneration in 2nd and the challenge…? Localization is also very important in a recruitment

And so today what are the expectations of recruiters? What do they expect from a candidate now? Is it the know-how? soft skills? What's that?

So, for the recruiter, it's you said it's the know-how to be the know-how that comes out now after COVID so it's really a very important element. Recruiters are looking for invested candidates

with a sense of effort and especially the candidates who will be loyal and invested with a recognized know-how. The know-how to be
it is a very important element and especially in the wine sector where there are codes that are very specific to this sector that must know so as not to miss a case …


So I have a question: I have the impression that in the generation our parents and before people were much more loyal to their company than today. Is that true? Are people perhaps a little less loyal than before? How's it going?

Yeah then it's compared to other sectors: the health sector, real estate is when mixes a sector where candidates are still relatively loyal to their sector / their company too but less and less that is to say that the new generations who arrive on the market so the young executives who arrive on the market are less loyal. They are always loyal to the sector since when they work in wine, usually they will make their entire career in wine. But on the company they will be much less loyal and they will stay 3, 5 years 6 years 7 years but it is no longer long careers as was the case with our parents who stayed twenty thirty years in the same company.

Okay no I was laughing because hearing Jeremy say that once we tasted the wine sector we leave more it echoed me because I find the anecdote funny here :-)!


So we're going to go to the personal section!


So Jeremy, if you were a wine, would you be?

Listen to me I like it, I love this wine, it's the Conseillante, AOC Pomerol

Big and old family

It's a real favorite. It is a wine that I tasted in a dinner a few years ago I had a real crush.

Remember year? yes it was in 2008 / Very nice year in Pomerol

Jeremy, if you were a movie, what movie would you be?

I like the BIG BLUE

Last question, if you were music what music would you be?

So we like Paul Kalkbrenner

Jérémy, I thank you for lending yourself to the game of this interview and I hope that you will not take full on the job of recruiter and if you are looking for something in the field do not hesitate to contact Jérémy here is very soon

Thank you / Goodbye

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