Top 3 wine activities for the summer

17/05/2022 | Uncategorised

The sun is back, the sunny days are here. This is the perfect time to share a moment of conviviality with your teams. In this article we offer you the solution to bring your teams together and develop a sense of belonging to your company.

Les Ateliers de Bacchus have the solution!We offer entertainment and activities around wine for groups and companies.

Continue the article to discover our animations!

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Want to bring your teams together to share a fun and friendly moment? Les Ateliers de Bacchus offers you a Top 3 animations around wine to bring your teams together.

The Bacchus Wine Tour

The Bacchus Wine Tour is the perfect combination to discover the city of Bordeaux, its history and architecture while discovering the world of wine and tasting. Around a walk in the center of Bordeaux, we offer 4 tasting stops in different partner establishments: wine cellar, grocery store, wine bar, cheese maker …

Discover the city of Bordeaux, its history and its wine regions. From the Place de Quinconces, to the Quartier des Chartrons, while passing by the Place Pey Berland, we make you discover our great Bordeaux wine regions recognized throughout the world.

This moment of discovery and sharing is perfect during an afternoon with colleagues to reunite ties and remotivate the troops.

Our Bacchus Wine Tours are available every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Reservations on our website!

The Oenological Escape Game

Our Escape Game is the perfect solution to bring your teams together around a fun moment. Come and challenge yourself during an escape game full of adventures and mysteries around wine.

The principle: You have a riddle and 60 minutes to succeed! Our Escape Game is mobile and therefore adapts to the place of your choice indoors and outdoors.

Cooperation, communication and team spirit are required to unravel the mystery of the year of the comet. It's up to you to find the sacred elixir by solving the puzzles and assembling the clues: smells, codes, padlocks… Anything can help you solve the investigation.

The Wine Olympiad

The Wine Olympiad makes you discover the art of tasting and learn to appreciate wine while having fun. In a castle, discover the cultural heritage around the wine estates. Laughter guaranteed!

Gather your teams in a wine castle and come and test your team spirit around our oenological activities.

Have fun while learning the different stages of tasting as well as the vocabulary specific to wine. The result is a special prize to be won for the winning team.The Wine Olympiads are composed of 10 challenges of 10 to 15 minutes to perfect your knowledge of wine: grape variety recognition, blind tasting, barrel rolling, creation of your wine…

So what oenological animations tempt you the most? Let us know if you've ever participated!

See you soon for a next article!

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