Women and wine 🙂

18/11/2019 | Non classé

Women and wine… vast topic 🙂 We will try to summarize the past and the present…

In today's society, parity is progressing slowly, but men are still in the majority in some sectors. The wine industry is one of them.

Women and wine, the past

This imbalance is due to history; Indeed, in ancient times, women were deprived of drinking wine. They could face the death penalty if they disobeyed the order.

In the Middle Ages, this ban was lifted. But at the end of the eighteenth century, a very strict code of conduct dictated bourgeois morality: an "honorable woman" should not drink wine.

Several misconceptions have distanced women from the winery. Indeed, even today, many believe that selecting a bottle and serving is the role of man.

However, many women were passionate about keeping a link with wine.

For example, the Château d'Yquem was taken over by the widow Françoise-Joséphine in 1788. It is thanks to his perseverance that the Château owes its worldwide fame today.

A second example with the widows Pommery and Clicquot who successfully took over the head of their Champagne estates in the nineteenth century.


Women and wine… today 🙂

A new phenomenon emerged in the 1970s: several women set out to create wine estates. Out of passion, they become the main actors of their exploitation. Currently, 30% of wine managers are female

Preconceived ideas are gradually falling and mentalities are changing. Women are increasingly epicurean: three quarters of them drink wine regularly and/or occasionally.

The new generations have a particular interest in it! Indeed, 50% of oenology promotions are women. For 25-35 year olds, there is no difference between women and men: they are curious and have no a priori on the issue.

Women are therefore increasingly heard in the world of wine. In oenology, they are often endowed with a sensitivity of their own, and a finesse that allows them to nuance the different types of wines.

The revolution is on the way!


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