The different colors of Marianne capsules

07/10/2020 | Actualité @en

This month I propose you to discover the Marianne capsules on the bottles. They may be of different colors, but do you know the meaning?


The color of the CRD capsules (Capsule Représentative de Droit) makes it possible to distinguish the level of designation of a wine and the type of alcohol contained in the bottle.

– The green capsule corresponds to still and sparkling wines in Protected / Controlled Designation of Origin.

– The blue color is intended for all other wines such as Vin de Pays and Vin de Table.

– The red wine-lie has been used since 2011 to replace the green and blue capsules indifferently. It can therefore be both an AOC wine and a VDP. However, AOC Champagne, AOC Vin Doux Naturelles and drinks fiscally associated with wine are excluded.

– The orange capsule is used for liqueur wines and other special wines as well as intermediate alcohols with PDO.

– The yellow color is specific to Cognacs and Armagnacs.

Grey corresponds to other intermediate products (such as ratafia).

Red refers to the traditional rum of the DOM.

– White corresponds to all other alcohols.


What do the inscriptions on the capsule mean?

Each capsule is given mandatory information. There is a first two-digit number that refers to the department of the bottler's headquarters (which usually corresponds to the production department). Then follows a letter that designates the qualification of the bottler: R for Harvester, N for Non-Harvester or Trader, E for Authorized Warehousekeeper. We sometimes find the qualifications written in full letters. The second number is an administrative approval number of the bottler.

We can read around the figure of Marianne the mentions "French Republic" and "D.G.D.D.I." and information on the capacity of the bottle.

See you soon for new news!


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