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Launch "at the MICRO of Bacchus"

Au micro de Bacchus is a Bordeaux channel / podcast created by Pauline Champeil. I go to meet personalities in the world of wine. My goal is to share with you my passion and to make you discover the different facets and backstage of the world of wine 🍷.

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Here are in writing the exchanges

Welcome to the microphone of Bacchus!

Hello Pauline, Who are you?

Hello, I am Pauline Robin-Champeil, I am from Saint-Emilion so from Bordeaux. I had the chance to grow up in the middle of the vines my family has been winegrowers for a very long time for several centuries and always in Saint-Emilion, we have not moved much fiefdoms.

I am an oenologist, very quickly I knew that I wanted to be the oenologist because it allows to mix both the wine side that I love, and the scientific side and the manipulations so very quickly I knew that I wanted to be an oenologist.

I graduated in 2006, then I went to UNITA which is an engineering school in agriculture to have a master's degree in wine estate management. Then here I am working a little right to left, I worked at Château Latour in Pauillac, I worked at Jean-Pierre Moueix establishments in Libourne. I went to discover the little bubbles in champagne, because I like it, at the Thienot champagnes, superb experience too. I went to California to Opus One property which belonged half to Mondavy and half to Rothschild. And I came home to work with my parents who are winemakers on Lussac Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Sup.

And more than ten years ago I embarked in parallel in this activity of bacchus workshops which are tailor-made oenological animations. We consider ourselves a bit like producers of sporting and cultural events around wine. And here we are now on a podcast channel and a Youtube channel to introduce you to various things.

How were the Bacchus workshops born?

Then the bacchus workshops were born the concept is to offer oenological animations. I hosted an event at Sup de Co Reims for the first time when I was working at Thienot champagnes. I was anxious as not possible to speak in an amphitheater of 300 teenagers while I myself was still a post-teenager. Everything went very well because all the people who were there, were there because they were interested and it really gave me confidence in myself and it made me understand that I liked to share this passion for wine. Then I had the chance to lead a lot of workshops within the Saint-Emilion union with tourists and I liked it!

And then I say to myself but why not embark completely on this adventure. My company was first called Pauline Robin so my maiden name, not easy at all finally to communicate on a brand with her own name so it turned quite quickly into "Les ateliers de Bacchus". The name of this brand came after more than several "shots" or several glasses of rosé on the Banc d'Arguin so on the Arcachon basin with my friends and the name Les ateliers de Bacchus was born in a rather festive and friendly atmosphere finally. And this common thread we try to hold it to the thread over the water. There you go!

What do Bacchus workshops offer?

At the bacchus workshops, we offer several things we offer activities both for the individual but also a lot for the professional many activities Incentive, Team building, oral animations at the stand, games around wine it can be as well escape game as oenological rallies in the city of Bordeaux, than Olympiads within the wine estates, Wine tours in the heart of the city of Bordeaux. We also intervene for private events, it can be birthdays, bachelor parties, young girls. This is the big part of the activities of the Bacchus workshops concerning corporate events we move directly within the companies or places of reception where they need us here.

What is the DNA of bacchus workshops?

The DNA of the workshops of Bacchus I would say the conviviality always around the wine is the common thread will remain the wine and a certain expertise of Bordeaux.

Where are the Bacchus workshops?

The adventure of the Bacchus workshops started in Bordeaux now we also have a team on site in Toulouse and also in Paris. We move everywhere.

Why at the microphone of Bacchus?

We are in March 2021 today it will be a year that we are with this small virus in our daily lives and it prevents us from working. As a result, no more events, no more moments of sharing, and the idea of "Au micro de Bacchus" was born to know how to interview people. So I'm going to go out into the field to interview various people who touch the wine world. I do not tell you more it is enough to follow the chain the workshops of Bacchus and you will always know a little more!

Wine podcast or Wine Youtube channel?

Both we will make both a playlist at the microphone of Bacchus on the channel that already exists the workshops of Bacchus so go ahead and also we create a podcast at the microphone of Bacchus so you will have that sound or sound and image to you to choose.

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